Underlying Structures


The New Glasgow Society 

Solo exhibition exploring the city as a body. 

Underlying Structures - Degree Show


Glasgow School of Art

The Dancing Body

A selection of Sculptures exploring body sensations. 

Counter Point 


A collaborative exhibition at The Old Hairdressers with artist Marguerite Carson exploring the Tipping point between rising and falling - the counterpoint. Using the modes of cleaning the human body, specifically the bathtub as a space to examine the concept of overflow, bodily fluids and to face us with our own mortality.

Twenty Five Percent Extra

An exhibition at The Laurieston Arches in Glasgow 2016 bringing together 125 artists

in protest against the raise in student numbers t Glasgow School of Art to 25% extra. 


GY Festival 2017

An collaborative exhibition as part of GY Festival including artists :  Marguerite Carson, Flora Hunt, Freya Laird, and Marina Renee-Cemmick