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Confinements of my Skin. 

The Glue Factory, Glasgow, 2017 

This was a Butoh performance influenced by my experience living in Kyoto, Japan.  Exploring tensions and compressions within the body and considering the idea of extention beyond the skin and alternatively being confined to the boundaries of the skin.

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'Before IZEN'


Shown in The Glue Factory Glasgow and as part of 'BODS' The Safe House 1, Peckham, London 2017 

Filmed in Kyoto, Japan as a collaborative project with contemporary dancer Akinori Sembe. This was an exploration of the contemporary and Butoh dance forms considering the idea of what we are before conception. Before we are compressed into a body, what are we? The piece was filmed in a active tunnel that ran under a mountain. 

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Exposed: Skin and Bones

'BODS' The safe House 2, 

Peckham Rye, London. 2017


 Movement piece in response to the organic space of the dilapidated victorian building. Live procession by Chris Richardson.

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Yōkai SOHO, Kyoto Japan. 2016

Collaboration between live music, art and dance  Akinori Semba and 地案 絵里 at Yōkai SOHO.