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INTERACTIONS : Body & Theatre

BWG Gallery, Tap & Bottle, London. 2021.

Interactions : Body & Theatre presents artwork by artist Marina Renee-Cemmick that interrogates the body and experience, expressing a personal phenomenology through observation, memory, imagination, figuration, physical movement and theatre. The works are compositions woven from people, landscapes and structures inspired by life, warped in the imagination towards a poetic vision that closer reflects the experience of ‘reality’. 


A two-part show, Act 1 presents the viewer with a retrospective look at Renee-Cemmick’s multimedia work in figuration and portraiture over the past 5 years. Act 2 introduces us to her practice’s recent development combining movement and theatre, with drawing and painting – working with the nomadic physical theatre group, Flabbergast Theatre.


“I welcome the idea of the body being the vessel of experience. Our muscles, skin and bones are woven like a tapestry of memory, holding an entire language of knowledge.”

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