Upcoming and Recent 

Underlying Structures

Solo Exhibition, 

The New Glasgow Society, 


April 2019 


John Kinross Travel Award 2018

Florence Nov 2018

AON Community Arts Exhibition

Leadenhall building, London, UK

Sept 2018- sept 2019 


 Marina Renee-Cemmick’s makes drawings, oil paintings, sculptural forms, and performances that investigates the landscapes that we inhabit daily; the physical body and the mental state in relation to external spaces. Using poetry as a device to deconstruct personal experiences, visual works are often informed by text. There is a constant dialog between mediums; an expansion and contraction of ideas and creations, that is playful and fluid. The material is important to the process of construction, the physicality of the work in space. Performances are often formed as response to certain spaces. Recent works draw awareness to acts of wounding and healing, exposing the continuous human endeavour to repair and patch-up the damaged by accepting human fragilities, fractures and failures. And through the physical act of making, tensions between strength and vulnerability, presence and absence surface and reflect states of being.